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Online Therapy for Parenting Support

You brought home this beautiful bundle of joy. You were so excited to be a parent. You had all of these hopes and dreams for how fantastic parenting was going to be and what it would be like to raise a child. And then, that baby turned into an actual kid. This kiddo went from sweet and angelic to pure chaos, attitude, and one with a mind of his own. That mind of his own rarely wants to do what you want him to do. He is determined and strong-willed, which will serve him well in the future, but holy cow it is kind of a nightmare right now. You just want him to put away his shoes or do his homework. Or maybe participate in a family activity and have fun. Is that really too much to ask?

Before having kids, you remember looking around and thinking to yourself, “my child will never act like that!” Now, you are living in what feels like a never-ending cycle of tantrums and tears. You constantly feel like you are ready to pull your hair out or you just want to go outside and scream. You are that frazzled parent looking around and spinning in a circle of how the heck did we get here.

First of all, I am here to tell you that you are NOT ALONE! Parenting is the hardest job that you will ever love. If it was so easy, then why are there zillions of books out there for what to do and how to do it? Maybe you have read them all or tried everything and you don’t know what else to do. Maybe you are starting to believe that this is the parenting life you were meant to have.

I am confident that I can help you. I have been there. Not only have I helped many families just like yours, but I have raised my own spirited, strong-willed little creatures. There were days (ok – weeks, months, and years) that I thought we would never make it. I am here to tell you that it is possible to make it to the other side.

Because I have been there, I come from a place of deep understanding. My goal is to offer guidance and support. I will not pretend that I know everything about you and your child, because I don’t. You are truly the expert. However, together we will figure out what is working and what is not and make some tweaks along the way.

When working with families facing challenges like yours, I tend to take a behavioral approach rooted in positive reinforcement. I believe in the power of schedules, structure, reward systems, routine, and consistency. However, I know that your family is unique and together we will tailor the strategies to fit your specific needs. Your family’s goals and values are at the core of our sessions. We will try some different things, but not just once or twice, and see what works and what doesn’t. We have to really give it a good solid effort before deciding it isn’t working. But, if you come back to me after really giving it a go and tell me that it still sucks, then we will shift and adjust accordingly. I’m not interested in banging my head against the same wall over and over and I certainly won’t ask that of you either.

I am definitely not here to lecture. Rather, I much prefer to collaborate. I want to work alongside you to find the solutions that work the best for you and your family. I am committed to helping you create a positive and happy home where both you and your child can thrive.

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